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Host Destination - Puglia, Italy

"Puglia's Moment" - as featured in VIRTUOSO LIFE

Castel del Monte
Borgo Egnazia - La Corte Pool
Borgo Egnazia - La Piazza
Borgo Egnazia Entrance

In recent years, Puglia has turned into a top international destination for its climate, its century-old Mediterranean art, culture, and history and for an utterly breath taking nature. However, Puglia is not only a synonym for summer: its tourism industry is ready and able to welcome an ever-increasing number of travelers from North America in autumn, spring, and winter, too.

Typically, destination offerings are based on popular attractions such as beaches and markets. Some may include the occasional cultural attraction, such as a historic site, a museum, or a religious shrine. Others may offer a chance to enjoy a distinctive local cuisine.

Only Puglia holds them all, and more.

Are you looking for beaches? Puglia has some of the best “blue flag” spots in the world. If it’s markets you love, both big towns and small villages are full of shops catering to every taste. You love art? You’ll find anything here, from thousand-year-old frescoes to contemporary art. And for those who like visiting historic sites, this land really holds an incredible variety of milestones, from Cannae - where Hannibal defeated a Roman legion - to the castles built throughout the region by Frederick II, such as Castel del Monte. You’re into archaeology? Puglia was once home to dinosaurs and cave dwellers, and their remains are still visible today, such as the 150,000-year-old “Altamura Man” displayed at the National Archaeological Museum of Altamura (while you’re there, try the incredible bread of Altamura). Your passion is visiting religious shrines? Not only the sanctuaries dedicated to Saint Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo and St. Michael the Archangel in Monte Sant’Angelo draw pilgrims and travelers from around the world all year round, but just about any town in Puglia holds a shrine or some relics of a patron saint. Traditions also play a huge enchanting role here: just think about the memorable experience of the world-famous “Presepe vivente” in Pezze di Greco, a glorious and impressive life-like Nativity scene spread across the streets and countryside of Fasano with the staging of the rural Apulian life of the early XX century. Finally, and, quite obviously: what about food? Puglia is home to the “Mediterranean Diet”, the eating regime famous for its healthy qualities and delicious recipes.

Having this cultural richness in their veins, the Melpignano family’s vision has always been that of blending the variety of Apulian beauty and culture with a refined, unforgettable, and tailor-made hospitality.

It all started in 1996 with Masseria San Domenico, a beautiful XIV century farmhouse and Templar watchtower that once was the family’s private vacation home and later became an utterly breathtaking Leading Hotels of the World deluxe resort, the model of high end hospitality in Puglia. When the new millennium clocked in, the time was ripe for another step: a small town, or a "borgo" as they say in Italy, a grand yet peaceful location that not only would accommodate large-scale events, but also further embody the true essence of Puglia. Borgo Egnazia opened in 2010, its creation inspired by the beautiful Apulian villages of the medieval past: rough white stone and purple bougainvillea, cobbled streets, and circling stairways. Today Borgo Egnazia is really a place like nowhere else in the world. San Domenico Golf is a sea front 18-holes championship course, lying between the ancient village of Egnathia and the Savelletri Marina and unfurling across a rocky coastline, the green fields, and the olive groves. These one-of-a-kind jewels lie in the breathing heart of Puglia, in the fishing town of Savelletri di Fasano, a few steps away from the Adriatic coast, the slopes of the Murgia and the Itria Valley. They authentically speak of Puglia because Puglia is what they intimately are.