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Preferred Partners & Owners/Managers:
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Daily Schedule

6:30 AM Breakfast
7:30 AM Break
8:00 AM Assigned Appointments
10:00 AM Morning Break
10:30 AM  
Assigned Appointments
12:30 PM Lunch
1:45 PM Break
2:30 PM Matched Appointments
6:00 PM Recommended start time for evening activities

Subject to change.

Table Locations

Venue and Meeting Room Table Numbers
Aria Tables 1 - 120
Bellagio Tables 121 - 240

Assigned Appointments

Assigned appointments will be on six tracks and comprise four hours each day, Monday through Thursday. Assigned appointments take place at Bellagio and Aria. Members remain at the same table throughout the week, while preferred partners move to a new area each day, and move from table to table within that area. 

Matched Appointments

The Matched appointments comprise two hours each day, Monday through Thursday. Matched appointments are set based on:

  1. Mutual requests
  2. One-sided requests
  3. Compatible characteristics as listed in your *Virtuoso Travel Week Sales Focus profile

*What is the VTW Sales Focus profile?
At the time of registration, you will be asked to complete a brief Virtuoso Week Sales Focus Profile which will prompt you to select your areas of focus specifically for the event (e.g., Europe, Active Travel, etc.).  Virtuoso will utilize this information to help assign your Matched appointments after all specific requests have been considered. Later, you'll also be able to see the focus areas of other attendees.

Please take advantage of the opportunity to network with the thousands of your travel industry colleagues attending.  To maintain the highest level of professional courtesy, please take a moment to review the Virtuoso Week Code of Conduct for more information.  Should you have questions, connect with us at or contact your Virtuoso representative.