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 Mauricio Leyton


2017 Mauricio Leyton Spirit of Virtuoso Award

The Mauricio Leyton Spirit of Virtuoso Award was established to recognize Virtuoso travel advisors, owners, or managers in Latin American and the Caribbean. The award honors members who inspire others by realizing Matthew Upchurch’s vision of what it means to be a part of the Virtuoso network – community, connections, interaction, collaboration, and passion for travel.

This award was established in memory of Mauricio Leyton, Virtuoso’s long-time friend and travel professional whose career spanned more than 25 years. Those of you who were lucky enough to know Mauricio will agree that his kindness, creativity, and compassion will be with us forever. His passion for blazing new trails in the travel industry still remains an influence throughout the world.

The award winner was announced on Saturday, August 12 at the LAC Members Welcome Reception at Virtuoso Travel Week.

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