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2012 Video Highlights

Travel Takes Off. CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg reporting live from 2012 Virtuoso Travel Week.

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Highlights of 2012's Record-Breaking Virtuoso Travel Week

More than 3,900 people experienced the in-person benefits of being part of the network at Virtuoso Week August 11-17, 2012. The event was historic in several ways:

  • The highest attendee total ever, breaking 2011's previous high of more than 3,700
  • The highest member advisor total - 1,859 – up 11.5% from the previous year
  • Every member region sent more attendees than in 2011
  • The highest number of suppliers - 1,695 – up 6% from the previous year

Advisors represented 427 agencies and suppliers were from 988 companies. Overall, 85 different countries were represented.

The number of advisor-supplier meetings also hit a new record high: an estimated 312,000 4-minute appointments, up from 2011's 265,000. The 10-minute sales meetings, in their second year, also proved popular, with an estimated 13,000 10-minute sales meetings taking place. total estimated relationship-building that took place by attendees last year is an impressive 4,200,000 minutes - which equals eight years.