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Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni is perhaps best known as the author of ten best-selling books―including The Advantage, Death by Meeting and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team ― which have sold over four million copies and have been translated into more than 25 languages. He is also the founder and president of The Table Group, a management consulting firm focused on organizational health that works with businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies and professional sports teams in the NFL and NBA to universities and non-profits. Their client list includes companies such as CISCO Systems, Comcast, The North Face, Adobe, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, IBM, Intel … and Virtuoso.

Pat’s work has been featured in publications such as BusinessWeek, Fast Company, USA Today, Fortune and the Harvard Business Review. The Wall Street Journal named him as one of the most in-demand business speakers, and at Virtuoso Travel Week, Pat will use his book Getting Naked to delve into the challenges of being transparent and vulnerable with clients, as well as overcoming issues that sabotage long-term client loyalty.