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2014 Virtuoso Travel Week

August 9-15, 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada

Virtuoso Travel Week Defined

Virtuoso Week 2013 Celebrated 25 Years with Attendance Records!

Virtuoso extends our heartfelt thanks to all who participated in the annual "family reunion" that has forged deep bonds among Virtuosos, and, as a result, redefined the way our clients experience travel.

The event was historic in several ways:

•  The highest attendee total ever – 4,100 – breaking the 2012 attendance high of 3,900
•  The highest member advisor total – 1,900
•  The highest number of suppliers – 1,800
•  18% of attendees were first-timers at the event
•  90 different countries were represented

The number of advisor-supplier meetings also hit a new record high: an estimated 350,000 4-minute appointments, up from last year's 312,000. The 2013 figure equals 1.6 million minutes of meetings – or three years of relationship building. An estimated $450 million in annualized travel sales resulted from the event.